Who can benefit from EoS4U?

Individual entrepreneurs

Don’t know how to buy at a competitive price? Join forces with others at EoS4U.

Small businesses

Don’t know where to start your procurement journey? Here you can benefit from the hassle-free sourcing experience.

Medium-sized businesses

Too expensive to have a purchasing team on your books? Our team of experienced sourcing professionals will do the job for you.

Grow with your needs

Purchasing is an inseparable part of business life, and your needs grow together with your company: from buying a desk and a chair for yourself to monthly orders of disposables for your office to weekly deliveries of standard assembly components for your factory. Your participation in EoS4U changes in the same way: from the free account for every-now-and-then-buying to full, enterprise, account. No need to pay more, pay according to your needs.

Get products from all over the world

Easy way to buy goods produced in any country of the world. Identify what you need, order at the best available price, and get it delivered. We work with trusted suppliers and choose our sources carefully to ensure quality of goods and sustainability of their production.

Concentrate on your business

When running your business you focus on products, services, and all the good things that make you unique. And of course, you have no free time or energy to deep dive into the unavoidable evil of dealing with suppliers and their prices. Nor should you do it. Just identify your needs and wait till you get the best price. Free up your time to focus on what’s important, your product, and your customers!

Forget about paperwork

Buying with EoS4U is really simple, you don’t need to issue tonnes of papers to get products you need. All you need is in one place under your account, be it open bids, received offers or placed purchase orders. All you need for an offer to be accepted or a purchase order to be placed is one click. EoS4U is purchasing made easy.

Enjoy full transparency

We aim to help businesses achieve the best price possible, and we will pass all the savings to you. You will be informed about the supplier’s price and will pay exactly this amount.

Be sure about your data

Privacy and data security are not just empty words for us, a company based in the center of Europe, in Germany. We understand the importance of every single bit of information you share with us and value the trust you put in us. You can be sure that we are here to help you with purchasing services and do not accumulate purchasing data or statistics to pass them to the third parties.

Package: XS

€19/mo incl. VAT

The package allows you to place 2 orders in the subscription running month. If it is not enough, you can always continue with pay-as-you-go or upgrade your subscription immediately. It also includes free 30 days trial period.

Package: S

€249/mo incl. VAT

The package includes 30 orders to be placed in the subscription running month. This package is a perfect fit for small companies that are uncertain about their purchasing volume.

Package: M

€399/mo incl. VAT

The package allows you to place 50 orders in the subscription running month. It fits the small enterprises with large purchasing volumes or medium enterprises.

Package: L

€799/mo incl. VAT

The package covers 100 orders in the subscription running month. It is an optimal solution for a medium-sized company.

Package: XL

€1999/mo incl. VAT

The package offers unlimited orders in the subscription running month.

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

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