Individual Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

How often do you think: “I am too busy doing the things I love and don’t want to waste my time on trying to order supplies and save money.” We bet every time you run out of coffee or realize that the stock of your business essentials is running low. Then you rush to place an order with the first company you find without realizing that it might not be the cheapest and most efficient solution. Alternatively, you spend hours of your valuable time researching, calling, inquiring.

These activities could take up to 70% of your time, which means 70% less productivity and, as a result, 70% fewer happy customers.

We can take this burden from you - just let us know what you need. For only 19 Euro a month, you will get access to high-level purchasing services and will be able to place an order for the best price with only one click. Is it a saving opportunity for your business? You do the math, but we are certainly sure it is.

Medium Sized Businesses

How much does it cost to have a person dealing with buying and ordering full-time? Depending on where you are you will spend 53 000 Euro on average. And this is something you shall do because your purchasing volume does not allow you to be careless in buying and sourcing.

But it is also the money you have to budget in, no matter if you need these services or not. Unlike big businesses, yours shall be cautious when it comes to how to spend the money. Sometimes the choice could be to hire a specialist to take care of your core business or a buyer. This choice is difficult to make because both would bring you benefits.

So, why choose? Hire the specialist you need and let our experienced team do the buying for you. With us, you will save money and get access to purchasing services when you need them. Choose Pay-as-you-go Plan or get unlimited access for 1999 Euro per month.

Is it worth it to add at least 28,8K a year directly to your bottom line, plus the money you save with our help? We, the sourcing professionals who made it our mission to save other people’s money as if it was our own, say: beyond doubt.