Years and years of working in classical manufacturing industries and cooperation with different production companies - big and small, run by corporations and by small groups of enthusiasts, providing services and delivering goods just in time for production lines - have shown us the main gap in expertise that makes smaller enterprises bleed money. It lays in purchasing - a business area often neglected due to different reasons, the main being lack of valuable resources, that small and medium-sized companies focus on their core knowledge and work.

So, we’ve decided to combine technology and sourcing, IT, and procurement knowledge of our team to help companies close this gap. And that’s how EoS4U was born. EoS standing for Economies of Scale - something we want You to benefit from.

Our team has been in the field since the 2000s, working internationally and locally: sourcing, negotiating, designing, and building systems.

We stand for equality and are sure that every company, big or small, shall be in the same position when running their businesses. The ways to achieve it might be different, and here we are offering a simple solution to the money-saving problem.

We are looking forward to sharing our experience with you and to continuing this incredible journey.