Why are the prices of international companies with big names always better than that from smaller local producers? Their competitive advantage begins way before the product is produced, at the buying stage, when they pull all the volumes worldwide and buy in bulk. We know that every Euro saved during sourcing goes unconditionally to the bottom line, and we do not want smaller businesses to miss out.

Your purchasing journey starts when you place your bid letting others know what will be bought and allowing fellow-buyers to join in to increase the volume of one order. Feel free to choose any products using manufacturing IDs or pick one from our EAN catalogue. We work with all goods except from perishable, flammable and dangerous and will provide you with the best offer that can be achived with the accumulated volume.

Say, Mary’s company “Health” needs to buy 10 packages of disposable masks. Mary opens a bid on EoS4U and lets others know how long she can wait for an offer. The bid runs until that time, and other companies are free to join in. Bob from company “Safety” needs 5 packages and joins in, Phil from “Measurements” requires 25 packages and chooses to join as well. Jane from “Bits & Pieces” needs only one package, but nothing stops her from adding this one package to the total bid. It goes on, and by the bid closure date, together they reach a volume big enough for a significant discount from a supplier:

They don’t need to worry about anything else. Our team will find a supplier, inform all the participants about the best price and place and handle the order. The next thing Mary, Bob, Phil, Jane, and others know is the date when they can pick up their orders: 10 packages for Mary, 5 for Bob, 25 for Phil, and 1 for Jane…

Forget about purchasing consultants and advisors that come and go as if it’s still the 80s out there; our platform is the way to do business in the 21st century - you know what you are paying for and don’t need to go through rounds and rounds of cost negotiations with consulting companies, moreover you can always use the purchasing services on demand and don’t need multi-year contractual obligations with the buying team.

Together you have a lot of power, and we will help you use it to your advantage